Single Needle Continuous Quilting Machine

Single Needle Continuous Quilting Machine - Model RT-2428M:

1. Model:

  • RT-2428M

2. Quilting Size:

  • 2.4m x 2.8m

3. Quilting Needle Work:

  • 2.2m x 2.6m

4. Sewing Speed:

  • 3200 RPM

5. Power:

  • 220V AC 50Hz 2.5KW

6. Sewing Machine:

  • Lock Stitch
  • Jumbo 2.0 Big Rotary Hooks
  • Auto Lifting Head System
  • Direct Drive system for Head with UBT (Trimmer)

7. Motors and Drivers:

  • All Servo Motors from Mitsubishi Japan

8. Spare Parts and Accessories:

  • Extra Sufficient spare parts and accessories included

9. Frames and Table: - 3 Aluminum Frames and 1 Table included in the cost

10. Weight: - Approximately 2500kg


  • The RT-2428M model offers a continuous quilting solution with advanced features for efficiency and reliability. The inclusion of spare parts, accessories, frames, and a table makes it a comprehensive solution for continuous quilting needs.