RT-Tape Edge Machine

RT-Tape Edge Machine - Overview:

The RT-Tape Edge Machine is a specialized equipment designed for tape edging in mattress manufacturing. Here are the key features and details:

Key Features:

Automatic Adjustment of Sewing Head:


The angle of the sewing head can be automatically adjusted, enhancing the precision of the tape edging process.

Automatic Slowdown at Corners:


The machine is equipped to automatically slow down at every corner, ensuring accurate and neat tape edging.

Versatile Working Table:


The size of the working table (1800mm*2000mm) is designed to accommodate various mattress sizes, providing versatility in production.

Stainless Table Surface:


The stainless table surface facilitates smoother movement of the mattress during the tape edging process.

High-Quality Chain Stitch Sewing Head:


The original chain stitch sewing head is of higher quality, contributing to efficient and reliable sewing.

Baking Varnish Finish:


The machine features a baking varnish finish, which is not prone to fading and ensures the color is dyed into the mattress, providing durability and a polished appearance.

Capability to Sew Small Right-Angle Corners (R20):


The machine can efficiently sew small right-angle corners with a radius of R20.

Applications: The RT-Tape Edge Machine is specifically designed for the tape edging process in mattress manufacturing.

Note: The RT-Tape Edge Machine offers advanced features to streamline the tape edging process, contributing to the efficiency and quality of mattress production.