RT-SJS Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-Needle Quilting Machine

RT-SJS Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-Needle Quilting Machine - Detailed Information:

  1. New Type Retainer Frame Structure:
    • Advantages: Low noise operation.
  1. Optimized Mechanical Structure:
    • Higher speed and increased production.
  1. Press Plate Lifting Adjustment:
    • Adjustable by one button according to different material thickness.
  1. Light Thread Stitches:
    • Enhances quilting patterns with a stronger third dimension.
  1. Needle Bar and Press Plate Control:
    • Controlled by a double winging device without a cam, avoiding lubrication and material dirt.
  1. Multi-Span and Independent Patterns:
    • Options for 360° and 180° patterns.
  1. Automatic Stop Motion Control:
    • Activated in case of top or bottom thread breaks.
    • Automatic needle-lifting.
    • CNC speed adjustment.
  1. CE Certificate:
    • Complies with European safety standards.
  1. Outstanding Features:
    • High rigidity, high running speed, low vibration, and noise.
  1. CNC Precision Control System:
    • Ensures accurate and precise quilting.
  1. Easy CAD Drawing Preparation:
    • Easy preparation of CAD drawings for extremely precise quilting patterns.
  1. Pattern-Combining and Multi-Span Quilting:
    • Strong functions for combining patterns and quilting in multiple spans.
    • Enables quilting different patterns in each row for mattresses of different sizes.
  1. Fault Detection Function:
    • Facilitates ease of determining the running state of the machine at any given time.

Purpose: It is widely used for quilting high-quality mattresses, quilt covers, and household ornaments, offering different pattern options.


  • Dimension (L x W x H): 4700 x 1560 x 2100
  • Quilting Width: 2550
  • Space Between Needle Rows (5"): 50.8, 76.2, 127
  • Space Between Needle Rows (6"): 76.2, 76.2, 152.4
  • Space Between Needles: 25.4
  • X-Axis Movement Displacement: 350
  • Thickness of Quilting: < 80 (for all patterns)
  • Stitch Length: 3.8
  • Speed of Operation: 60-300 (m/hour)
  • Model of Needle: 24/180, 23/160, 22/140, 21/130
  • Quilting Speed: 600 - 1200 (RPM)
  • Total Power Required: 7KW
  • Voltage: 220V/60HZ
  • Gross Weight: 5000kg

Note: The detailed information and parameters highlight the capabilities and specifications of the RT-SJS Quilting Machine, making it suitable for various quilting applications with precision and efficiency.