Mixed Chenille Computer Embroidery Machine


1. Original Dahao D19 New Computer:

  • Features: Equipped with Motorized Trimmer for Chenille and Flat Head with UTC (Under Tension Control)

2. Dahao Servo Motor:

  • Main Shaft and X Y Movement with Fan Cooling System

3. Embroidery Area:

  • Available Sizes: 400mm, 500mm, 1000mm, and customizable options

4. Independent System:

  • Separate Systems for Needle Bar, Nozzle, and Pressure Foot
  • Capability to Automatically Switch Between Chain Stitch and Towel Embroidery

5. Needle Position:

  • Needle Height Adjustable to 9 Positions According to Needle Position

6. Japanese Bobbin and Bobbin Case:

  • Ensures high-quality bobbin performance

7. Flat Head:

  • Features Black Coated 1.6 Jumbo Hooks

8. High-Speed Head:

  • Equipped with Double Cam Triple Lever System

9. Barudan Type Tension Base:

  • Additional Feature: Piping System for Flat Head

10. Auto Oiling System:

  • Ensures smooth operation and reduces maintenance needs

11. Machine Body:

  • Size: 400x400x12mm heavy body
  • Back Side Supports: 3 pcs, variable according to the model

12. Table Quality:

  • Material: High-Quality Table with High-Processed White Color Mica

13. Z-Drive System:

  • New Type Z-Drive System for both side alternate

14. Spare Parts and Accessories:

  • Standard spare parts and accessories included


  • Specifications are subject to customization based on specific model requirements.

The Mixed Chenille Computer Embroidery Machine is designed for versatile embroidery applications, combining the functionality of chenille and flat head technologies. Advanced features ensure precision, flexibility, and efficiency in embroidery processes.