Mini Schiffli COMPUTER Embroidery Machine

Mini Schiffli COMPUTER Embroidery Machine - Specifications:

1. Original Dahao A18 10-Inch Computer:

  • Features Head Selection for enhanced functionality

2. Original Dahao Servo Motors:

  • Main Shaft Motion: 3.8KW Dahao Servo Motor (x 2)
  • XY Shaft Motion: Dahao Servo Motor

3. High-Speed Double Needle Head:

  • Equipped with Jump Solenoid for precise and efficient operation
  • Hanging Double Needle Head for High Precision Fitting and Easy Maintenance

4. Cutter Configuration:

  • Without Cutter (Double Needle machine is not equipped with a Cutter)

5. UTC and UTH:

  • Under Thread Breakage Detecting and Upper Thread Holding Facility for improved thread management

6. Original 1.6X Jumbo Hirose Rotary Hook:

  • Ensures high-quality rotary hook performance

7. Head-to-Head Oiling Facility:

  • Ensures consistent lubrication for smooth operation

8. Four Transmission Facility:

  • Enhances stability in working conditions

9. Double Colour Change Facility:

  • Allows for quick and efficient color changes during embroidery processes

10. Motorized Controlled Pressure Foot: - Provides precise control over pressure foot movement

11. Latest 5CM Linear Guide Rail: - Incorporates advanced guide rail technology for improved accuracy

12. Ultra Size Collar Bearing: - Applied for Maya Guide Rail Base, ensuring durability and stability

13. Ultra Size Shaft: - Applied on Main Shaft, Pantograph Moving Shaft, and Down Shaft for enhanced performance

14. Germany Transmission Belt: - Applied for reliable and efficient power transmission

15. Big Foot Pad: - Applied for High-Speed Machine, contributing to stability during operation


Specifications are designed to offer high precision, efficiency, and ease of maintenance in the Mini Schiffli Embroidery Machine. Advanced features, including the hanging double needle head and various motorized controls, make it suitable for intricate embroidery applications.