Automatic Wadding Production Line

Automatic Wadding Production Line - RT-1230-155


  1. Fabric Compatibility:
    • Applied to the production of quilts and bedclothes made of various natural fabrics and chemical fabrics.
  1. Material Input Control:
    • Accurately controls the input of used materials such as fabrics or cotton by adopting wireless speed regulation.
  1. Integration with Other Machines:
    • Works in conjunction with non-woven fabrics carding machines and/or quilting machines as part of a serial automatic quilt production line.

Technical Parameters:

  • Model: RT-1230-155
  • Occupying Area: 160 ~ 200 m2
  • Output: 150 ~ 180 kg/h
  • Power Consumption Rate: 35 ~ 50 kW
  • Power Supply: 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 12 ~ 14.5 tons

Note: The RT-1230-155 Automatic wedding Production Line is designed for efficient and precise production of quilts and bedclothes. Its compatibility with various fabrics, material input control, and integration capabilities make it a versatile and asset in the manufacturing process.